After stumbling by chance across an interview on the Tofugu blog, I’m surprised to find myself enjoying ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman’s album Inferno. Who knew you could do things with guitars so fast, and so loud? Though I must admit I’m more partial to the instrumentals.)

Where things go

  • Book and magazine recommendations to QQQ READING, a Taskpaper-formatted text file, minimally tagged (@added, @done, @comic, @graphicnovel, @poetry, @via)
  • Music and podcast recommendations to QQQ LISTENING file
  • Podcast episodes and subscriptions to Overcast (never to be heard from again…)
  • Webpages to Pinboard
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  • Tasks to Omnifocus
  • Promises to Omnifocus
  • Anything else to Omnifocus

Not sure I can sign in at… but also not sure I can improve on what’s already there, so 🤷‍♂️

@brentsimmons Any plans for shift-space for page-upping in NNW? I was ever-so-slightly 😢 when I discovered it did nothing to reverse an accidental spacebar-scroll. (Viz:

@hartlco If I have neither of these enabled, do Icro posts just… go nowhere? 🤔