Further Adventures in Text-Based Virtual Realities

A few more “text-based virtual realities” (maybe?), for Matt (👋):

  • Orteil’s Nested (aka No Man’s Outliner)
  • idle games in general, and A Dark Room in particular
  • Stephanie Strickland et al’s Vniverse (whose standalone Shockwave version from twelve years ago still – shockingly! – runs on my mid–2015 MacBook Pro running 10.14.6)
  • Twine again, but Porpentine’s HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE is a whole world from a handful of neon pink and white (which I’ve written about before)
  • student-teacher-fiction-wiki-thing Axel and Alice (links to archived version), which I first saw (in HyperCard stack form?) around 1999 and which lodged something somewhere deep in my brain

Further afield…

  • I wonder whether lore-heavy ASCII-art roguelikes count? (No)
  • Fallen London?
  • Josh Allen’s Chokeville in its earlier days – it’s been promising to be a book for a while now, but earlier (2007, 2011) it was weirder link-y wiki-ish storyblog thing (or was it? Revisiting it now it seems more straightforwardly stories than I remember…)
  • There’s… something in Tracery’s little self-contained grammarworlds – for each corpus a particular written sensibility filtered through the random number generator, infusing the output with a certain flavour?

Maybe serious (“serious”) readers just wanna play videogames but don’t know how? 😜


After stumbling by chance across an interview on the Tofugu blog, I’m surprised to find myself enjoying ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman’s album Inferno. Who knew you could do things with guitars so fast, and so loud? Though I must admit I’m more partial to the instrumentals.)

Where things go

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Not sure I can sign in at https://tilde.town/~tullyhansen/… but also not sure I can improve on what’s already there, so 🤷‍♂️

@brentsimmons Any plans for shift-space for page-upping in NNW? I was ever-so-slightly 😢 when I discovered it did nothing to reverse an accidental spacebar-scroll. (Viz: https://github.com/brentsimmons/NetNewsWire/issues/452)

@hartlco If I have neither of these enabled, do Icro posts just… go nowhere? 🤔